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Student should choose us

Student should choose us

Stemming from the actual demands of International Undergraduate students, desire to be guided, supported and accompanied in solving specialized assignments, Tada Edtech team has developed the unique feature called “Tada i-support”, which is proudly presented in the Vietnamese market for the first time.

Especially, ONLY 2 HOURS, students will be strengthened with knowledge and ideas to complete the assignment professionally and receive high marks. No more confusions, anxiety or helplessness everytime receiving the assignment from your lecturers, Tada’s Learning Assistant is here to save the day.

Affordable price

The knowledge that is delivered will be valuable and worth the customer’s spending.

2 hours session

Don’t need to spend all day struggling with your assignment, Tada i-support will guide you through it all within 2 hours.

Quickly understand

With only a 2 hours session, we will ensure that you will fully understand and complete your assignment without having to research everything by yourself.

Quality Assistants

The Tada i-Support’s Assistants team all meet the international education standards.

Are these your problems?

Are these your problems? Are these your problems?

1. Message Tada for advice!

With just one click on Facebook, our team will advise you on the i-Support Learning Assistant service. Submit your request and personal information to get assisted right

  • Information about your major and school will help us to understand and assist you better.
  • If there is a requirement from the teacher about the essential criteria or marks in the assignment, do not forget to let us know.
  • Urgent booking is available.
  • To receive the earliest notification from Tada, please use your official Facebook to contact.
1. Message Tada for advice!

2. Get the notifications

You will receive detailed information about session times and your Assistant’s information. In terms of quality, Tada i-Support’s Assistant team is fully qualified with specialized knowledge at various levels. The information you provide will help Tada proactively connect with the Assistant that is most suitable for you, both in terms of time and expertise.

  • Tada’s consultant team will guide you through the payment of 30% deposit of the total fee before receiving the session information.
  • The Assistant will need to research and analyze your problem at least 1 day after receiving the assignment to ensure the quality and accuracy.
2. Get the notifications

3. Join the session

Tada i-Support works on an online platform, you will receive the session link on the day of registration. Your Assistant will accompany you 1:1 for 2 hours, building a complete outline together. All questions about the assignment will be completely answered during the session.

  • You should take notes of all the content guided in that session.
  • You should actively interact with your Assistant to build a perfect and quality assignment together.
  • You can ask your Assistant to extend the time until you fully understand what you’re doing.
  • Thinking, creativity and dedication are the 3 criteria that Tada i-Support always values in the session.
3. Join the session

4. Understand your assignment

Please review and evaluate the points that have been guided by your Assistant during the session. Apply it to your assignment the way you understand and learn from your Assistant. Tada i-Support always prioritizes customer knowledge, so payment will be made when you fully understand what you’re doing and what you need to do.

  • After finishing the session, Tada i-Support will summarize your information, comments about the service for you to make payment for the remaining 70% of the session fee.
  • Tada i-Support would love to hear your comments and reviews to improve and develop the session quality as well as the online platform.
  • If you are not satisfied with the session, we will review and re-do your session within 2 days.
4. Understand your assignment

Common questions

Does Tada reuse other students' outlines for my assignment?

Do you have 100% support for homework?

Which universities does Tada i-Support support and does it cover all subjects?

What is the deposit process and price for the lesson?

How will Tada handle it if I'm not satisfied with the session?

Will my work be kept confidential after the session or will it be discussed with the different students?

How does Tada's session process go?

Is it possible to receive 2 essays at once?

The topic of each student is unique. Your Assistant will help you analyze your ideas and give advice, building a complete outline. So there won’t be any plagiarism.

Tada i-Support is a service helping you to come up with a complete outline and ideas for your assignment. You will have to complete the work on your own with what is guided by your Assistant. Therefore, we absolutely do not support writing a full assignment.
Currently, Tada i-Support is only providing services for International Universities with the following majors:
1. Business Administration
2. Marketing
3. Law
4. Finance
5. IT
6. Other language subjects (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, …)
After completing the basic consulting process, if you agree to conduct the session, you will have to pay a deposit of 30% of the session fee. The session will last 2 hours with a total fee of 700,000 VND, after completing the session you will pay the remaining 70%.
In case you are not satisfied with the session, you can directly talk to your Assistant or contact Tada Customer Service. Tada will work with you to come up with another solution, we will give you an extra 30-45 minutes for the session. You also have the right to request another Assistant to work on your essay.
Tada always keeps customer information confidential. Each student participating in the study will exchange ideas with the Assistant to build their essay. Each of you will have different ideas, so it is completely impossible to give your work to other students.
When participating in the session, you and your Assistant will exchange and discuss your topic. Your Assistant will then help you build an outline that matches the criteria. If you have any questions, you can talk to the Assistant to get an appropriate answer.
Tada is always ready to support you, if you need help with more than 1 assignment, Tada will arrange for you a suitable Assistant to help you complete your assignment. You can sign up for two sessions with two different Assistants. Remember that they need at least 1 day to research your topic.
Ready to start analyzing your essay?

Ready to start analyzing your essay?

Don’t hesitate to book your session, spending only 2 hours so that your assignment can be completed in time, by yourself. The Assistant Team is waiting for you!

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