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The Tada team’s journey to digital transformation of education.

The Tada Edtech Team’s ambition is to spread digital transformation in education nationwide. We are aware that digital technology is the key factor to successfully build the smart school model 4.0. Therefore, the members continuously strive to research, develop and perfect the relevant functions.

Tada’s “Smart School 4.0” model includes the following products:

Modern School Equipment 4.0

Students today are exposed to a variety of modern technological devices. Traditional teaching tools are no longer attractive enough for students. Therefore, the Tada team has done research and decided to apply digital technology to teaching aids such as electronic interactive whiteboards, digital libraries for learning materials, …

Tada hopes that through modern teaching, students will feel more interest, desire and passion for learning. Teachers’ lessons will also become easier and more effective thanks to the support of devices and materials.

Tada believes that these modern technological devices can help improve the quality of education and the efficiency of education in Viet Nam.

School Management System (LMS)

Tada’s management system is the most complete improved version resulting from the research, learning and development of previous platforms. Tada has FULL INTEGRATION of the essential functions for administration in only ONE PLATFORM. At the same time, Tada’s system DIRECTLY CONNECTED is connected to the Ministry of Education’s data system.

Optimal equipment for school safety

In addition to intellectual development, students’ parents are also concerned about safety. Knowing parents’ concerns, the Tada team has developed special equipment to ensure school safety, such as intelligent attendance cameras and violence warning devices…

We want to be able to prevent and limit potentially dangerous situations to fully protect students. We want to support the school in its safety work and reduce the fears of students’ parents.


Small steps, slowly but surely!

The Tada team hopes to replicate the smart school model across the country. To create a modern and creative learning environment with digital technology. To contribute to improving the quality of education and training in Viet Nam.

Tada team implements “digital transformation” at schools

After a period of research, development and perfection of the platform, the Tada team has implemented “Digital Transformation” in educational institutions in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a very important and memorable time for the team.

From February 2022, Tada’s team visited each school, met with the school management, signed and installed the devices, and handed them over. At each school, Tada received positive feedback from teachers about the “digital transformation” work. The features and products Tada is developing are extremely necessary and appropriate for the long-standing needs and desires of educational institutions.

Tada provides a platform that helps educational institutions/centers transform completely digitally. They streamline operations and the administrative process by using digital technology instead of traditional paperwork and people. This allows the school to save a lot of staff time and cost and minimize errors.

Smart instructional products and a modern attendance system have also proven the value and benefits Tada provides to educational institutions/centers. Learning – teaching – managing becomes simpler and easier than ever before.


So far, Tada is the digital transformation companion of more than 30 educational institutions in most districts of Ho Chi Minh City. And that’s not all: Tada will continue its journey in the near future. The Tada team will do its best to spread and replicate the “smart school 4.0” model nationwide.


Tada’s “Tada i-support” platform officially launched on the education market

Tada i-support is a platform PIONEER, which provides guidance and support to international students in their studies. In just 2 hours, “assistants” help students understand and master knowledge and write a complete thesis.

The idea to develop the Tada team’s foundation came from the real needs and difficulties of international university students. They enter the university for the first time, the international environment is different from high school, the essays are difficult and must be written 100% in English, and there are not many references, no specific instructions,… The above problems are the obsession of all international students in Vietnam.

Knowing and understanding your feelings, Tada team has designed, researched and developed the “Tada i-support” system. This will be a totally new learning experience for the young generation in Vietnam.

Students will be taught and guided by a team of experienced and knowledgeable “assistants”. In just 2 hours, students can acquire the expertise and complete the essay draft.

Through the support of Tada, students will experience comprehensive development of their thinking and learning skills. We hope to be able to develop and successfully build a community that supports learning and connects international students across the country.

On September 20, 2022, the “Tada i-support” platform was officially launched and the FIRST tutorials were conducted. Students can access information and sign up for a study experience with an assistant.