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In Tada, innovation department is organized to research and forecast, collect ideas, and "connect all the dots".

Innovation team in Tada includes strategist, product experts, technologists, program managers, and also guest innovators. We deeply understand that the foundation of innovation department must start within organization, then mix with external perspective to have a bigger picture. Building innovative organizations entails not only matching structural forms with technological and market opportunities, but also embedding the capacity for learning and knowledge creation within team processes and social relationships.

AI Pen

Air-Writing Recognition using deep neural network and depth sensor.

The concept of trajectory-based writing involves moving a handheld intrument, such as our AI Pen, while writing linguistic characters or words in open space.

AI Pen

We have developed three-dimentional (3D) trajectories camera to tracks and connect with AI Pen. The trajectory was normalized using the AI Pen with root point translation feature. As a recognizer, AI Pen connect with 3D trajectories camera in convolutional neural network (CNN) and a long short-term memory (LSTM).

In July 2022, we employed the 6D motion gesture (6DMG) alphanumeric character dataset and achieved 96.32% accuracy which is the highest to date.

Smart interactive whiteboard

Smart interactive whiteboard device is integrated with Tada’s software, which assists both teaching and learning.

Increase teacher-student connections through interactive whiteboard features:
+ Assign assignments quickly right in class via QR code
+ Teaching, direct manual manipulation, or AI Pen
+ Visual and vivid lecture presentations
+ Automatically divide classes into small groups
+ Select random students to answer questions